Following creatures can be found in the magnificent and diverse world of Skytopia 2. They require a certain player level to get, and live in a habitat (Forest, Savannah, Fire, etc.) where they are available for harvesting and breeding.

  • Common creatures harvest Grass and Bush
  • Uncommon creatures harvest Grass, Bush and Tree
  • Rare creatures harvest Grass, Bush, Tree, Rock and Magic Flora
  • Ultra-Rare creatures harvest Grass, Bush, Tree, Rock and Magic Flora

See also: Quick Critter and Island Info

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Common CreaturesEdit

Common creatures can be purchased in the shop for coins. They have the ability to harvest grass and bushes on the island of their element.

Legendary CreaturesEdit

Legendary Creatures are unlocked together with the Landmarks on the islands. 

  • Hootsy (Forest/Savannah)
  • Dogo (Fire/Savannah)
  • Yako (Forest/Ice)
  • Jakalope (Forest/Savannah)
  • Kolorkat (Savannah/Jungle)
  • Pandaburn (Fire/Jungle)
  • Paca (Forest/Ice)
  • Buffy (Savannah/Ice)
  • Shelly (Jungle/Crystal)
  • Soulshine (Forest/Crystal)
  • Hedgehot

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