Hotwing egg

On this page you can find the eggs of the creatures that are available in Skytopia 2. 

Common CreaturesEdit

-001-Forest 0 Savannah 0 Fire 0
Rooshoo Howldot Torosa
Ice 0 P ei Crystal 0
Frostbill Twins Paplum
Hootsy 0 Capture-20140623-192118 EggYako1
Hootsy Dogo Yako

Forest tagSavannah tag Forest/Savannah CreaturesEdit

Forest-Savannah-UC 0 Forest-Savannah-R 0 Forest-Savannah-UR 0 90570432
Lemit Purrcat Zebroose Dune Dragon

Forest tagFire tagForest/Fire CreaturesEdit

Pyroshu egg Kumablaze egg
Pyroshu Kumablaze Florasaurus

Forest tagIce tag Forest/Ice CreaturesEdit

Forest-Ice-UC 0 Forest-Ice-R 0 Forest-Ice-UR 0
Ramhorn Snowfoot Whitewish

Forest tagJungle tag Forest/Jungle CreaturesEdit

Forest-Jungle-UC 0 EggWindwisp Forest-Jungle-UR 0
Froguana Windwisp Kitoon

Forest tagCrystal tag Forest/Crystal CreaturesEdit

8873449 866655578 100px
Goldtop Skyfly Gemshell

Savannah tagFire tag Savannah/Fire CreaturesEdit

Savannah-Fire-UC 0 Savannah-Fire-R 0 Savannah-Fire-UR 0 100px
Volcamel Charkubi Lavaleo Big Red

Savannah tagIce tag Savannah/Ice CreaturesEdit

Savannah-Ice-UC 0 Savannah-Ice-R 0 Savannah-Ice-UR 0
Tigzag Decobear Mahmoot

Savannah tagJungle tag Savannah/Jungle CreaturesEdit

Savannah-Jungle-UC 0 EggMacawstrich Savannah-Jungle-UR 0
Congoba Macawstrich Dyeguy

Savannah tagCrystal tag Savannah/Crystal CreaturesEdit

879875 23456789 11111111111111 100px
Porcuprism Funfox Rhinonyx Hippogriff

Fire tagIce tag Fire/Ice CreaturesEdit

Fire-Ice-UC 0 Fire-Ice-R 0 Geladrake 100px
Hopalot Terajay Geladrake Iceratops

Fire tagJungle tag Fire/Jungle CreaturesEdit

Fire-Jungle-UC 0 Hotwing egg 11111111133
Baboom Hotwing Dracokeet

Fire tagCrystal tag Fire/Crystal CreaturesEdit

4568765 3904573486432 100px 100px
Diamondback Raptopaz Safire Stegosaur

Ice tagJungle tag Ice/Jungle CreaturesEdit

100px Ice-Jungle-R 0 Ice-Jungle-UR 0
Bluebeak Chillpaw Kokoa

Ice tagCrystal tag Ice/Crystal CreaturesEdit

98765345 765432 Ice-Crystal-UR 0 100px
Odder Stompy Tuftusk Hydrake

Jungle tagCrystal tag Jungle/Crystal CreaturesEdit

09876543 567890 100px 100px
Ruby Rufous Pegabear Sparkly Nightwing