In Skytopia 2 you can use farms to grow food to feed your animals to a higher level, and to get easy experience. 
Farm concepts by Danielle Brown

Farms Edit

Each farm can be upgraded to level 5.

Level 1: Tiny FarmEdit

Plots Plot x3
Food Types 3

Level 2: Small Farm Edit

Plots Plot x6
Food Types 5

Level 3: Big FarmEdit

Plots Plot x9
Food Types 6

Level 4: Huge FarmEdit

Plots Plot x12
Food Types 6

Level 5: Giant FarmEdit

Plots Plot x15
Food Types 6

Crops Edit

There are six types of crops:

Big BlossomsEdit


Coins 5 Food 10
Time 1m Experience 5



Coins 25 Food 50
Time 5m Experience 25

Coral VinesEdit


Coins 250 Food 250
Time 2h Experience 500

Starry Fruit Edit


Coins 1000 Food 750
Time 4h Experience 900

Squishy Plant Edit


Coins 5000 Food 1.500
Time 6h Experience 1.250

Mushroom Melon Edit


Coins 25.000 Food 5000
Time 12h Experience 15.000