Kokoa is a delight for any ice island. A professional tree climber and snow fort builder, Kokoa is diverse in its talents. Some days it likes to swing around the Jungle trees, other days it likes to play in the snow. Enhance the fun on your island with the cuddly Kokoa!


Egg Baby Teen Adult
Ice-Jungle-UR 0 Ice-Jungle-UR 1 Ice-Jungle-UR 2 Ice-Jungle-UR 3
Habitat Ice, Jungle Rarity Ultra Rare
Harvests Grass, Bush, Tree, Rock, Magic Available Level 12
Incubate Time 1 Day 6 Hours Hatching Time 1 Day 22 Hours

How to get itEdit

  • Can be purchased for 375 gems in the store.
  • Breed an ice creature with a jungle creature. Consult the breeding combinations page for examples of matches.