Approach Lemit slowly. Although a curious and playfull little ground dweller, it is spooked easily. You will know if Lemit is scared because it will quickly dive into its burrow. But if you have a treat for it, Lemit will be quick to come back out and play. Just don't play hide and seek together, you'll never be able to find it amongst its underground city of interconnecting tunnels.


Egg Baby Teen Adult
Forest-Savannah-UC 0 Forest-Savannah-UC 1 Forest-Savannah-UC 2 Forest-Savannah-UC 3
Habitat Forest, Savannah Rarity Uncommon
Harvests Grass, Bush, Tree Available at Level 11
Incubate Time 3 minutes Hatching Time

5 minutes

How to get itEdit

  • Buy it in the shop for 25 gems

Or try to breed Forest and Savannah creatures together: