Are you a cat person? Then this rare feline friend is a must. Purrcat likes to laze around in the Savannah sun and play with the tumbleweeds as though they were giant balls of yarn. It may be a very large cat but deep down inside Purrcat is still just a kitten. 

Purrcat loves to bathe its friends with its sand paper tongue.


Egg Baby Teen Adult
Forest-Savannah-R 0 Forest-Savannah-R 1 Forest-Savannah-R 2 Forest-Savannah-R 3
Habitat Forest, Savannah Rarity Rare
Harvests Grass, Bush, Tree, Rock Available at Level 11
Incubate Time 30 minutes Hatching Time

45 minutes

How to get itEdit

  • Buy it in the shop for 100 gems

Or try to breed Forest and Savannah creatures together: