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Hopefully this page will help you enjoy the remarkable World of SkyTopia 2

Tips Edit

  • Place your creatures in a habitat or selling them to earn the XP.
  • Upgrade habitats to get more XP, gold and plant crops for more XP.
  • When you are check the game frequently, Plant 5 minute crops to get more XP and food.
  • Don't be afraid to sell common creatures if you need more space, You can buy them again later.
  • Vote for features you would like to see in the game: SkyTopia 2 Features

Breeding Edit

  • I have listed two combos with the highest possibility of getting the creature you want in the descriptions below.
  • Best rules are
    • if you want a Savannah / Ice creature, focus on those attributes
      • breed one Savannah creature with one Ice creature
    • higher level Breeding Tree, better chance for rare creatures
    • higher level creatures Breeding Power, better chance for rare creatures

Islands Edit

Creatures Edit

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