This creature's huge icicle horns are a wonder to behold and Ramhorn's pride and joy. It loves to add bulk to its horns by taking baths in the icy mountain lakes and letting the water freeze over them, making them a bit bigger every time. This does come with the cost of having a pretty sore neck from having to hold his massive horns up. Give Ramhorn a neck rub and you will be friends for life.


Egg Baby Teen Adult
Forest-Ice-UC 0 Forest-Ice-UC 1 Forest-Ice-UC 2 Forest-Ice-UC 3
Habitat Forest, Ice Rarity Uncommon
Harvests Grass, Bush, Tree Available Level 10
Incubate Time 4 Hours Hatching Time 6 Hours

How to get itEdit

  • Can be purchased for 250 gems in the store.
  • Breed a forest creature with an ice creature. Consult the breeding combinations page for examples of matches.