Safire is jeweled, jurassic, and just adorable. One of the friendliest creatures you will ever meet, Safire loves giving its friends rides on its back. Standing tall above most trees, Safire always has a splendid view of the surrounding scenery. Don't you wish your view was always unobstructed? Give Safire a home on your island an take a ride whenever you like!


Egg Baby Teen Adult
Fire-Crystal-UR 1 Fire-Crystal-UR 2 Fire-Crystal-UR 3
Habitat Fire, Crystal Rarity Ultra Rare
Harvests All Available at Level 16
Incubate Time 1 day 11 hours Hatching Time 2 days 6 hours

How to get itEdit

  • Can be purchased for 500 gems in the store.
  • Breed a fire creature with a crystal creature. Consult the breeding combinations page for examples of matches.