Do you have what it takes to see the protector of the winter forest? If you ever manage to catch a glance of Whitewish, it will grant you one wish for the rest of time! But be ready for a long and cold adventure because this white wonder can only be seen on the coldest days, standing guard over the forest.


Egg Baby Teen Adult
Forest-Ice-UR 0 Forest-Ice-UR 1 Forest-Ice-UR 2 Forest-Ice-UR 3
Habitat Forest, Ice Rarity Ultra Rare
Harvests Grass, Bush, Tree, Rock, Magic Available Level 10
Incubate Time 1 Day 2 Hours Hatching Time 1 Day 15 Hours

How to get itEdit

  • Can be purchased for 250 gems in the store.
  • Breed a forest creature with an ice creature. Consult the breeding combinations page for examples of matches.
  • Lvl 10 Florasaurus bred with a lvl 4 Tigzag
  • Ramhorn lvl 8 and Snowfoot lvl 8