Did you hear that whoosing sound? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Windwisp! This flying little fur ball gets its kicks from base jumping off the tallest trees in the jungle. Gliding from branch to branch, Windwisp can traverse the entire jungle in no time. Keep your eye on the treetops if you want to see this cute critter soaring through the air. 


Egg Baby Teen Adult
Forest-Jungle-R 1 Forest-Jungle-R 2 Forest-Jungle-R 3
Habitat Forest, Jungle Rarity Rare
Harvests Grass, Bush, Tree, Rock Available Level 12
Incubate Time 10 Hours Hatching Time 15 Hours

How to get itEdit

  • Roosho and Froguana
  • Can be purchased for 250 gems in the store.
  • Breed a forest creature with a jungle creature. Consult the breeding combinations page for examples of matches.