What a beautiful pair of decorated antlers! The Zebroose is a delight to have around because wherever it goes the scent of fresh roses follows. 

Beautiful creatures should be beautifully decorated and the Zebroose does it best. You can always tell when Zebroose is near because of the flower petals it leaves behind on the ground. If you follow the trail of petals, you just might sneak a peak of this rare beauty.


Œuf Baby Teen Adult
Forest-Savannah-UR 0 Forest-Savannah-UR 1 Forest-Savannah-UR 2 Forest-Savannah-UR 3
Habitat Forest, Savannah Rarity Ultra Rare
Harvests Grass, Bush, Tree, Rock, Magic Available at Level 11
Incubate Time 1 H Hatching Time 2 H

How to get itEdit

  • Buy it in the shop for 250 gems

Or try to breed Forest and Savannah creatures together: